• alilleishop

Hawai'i Abroad

Bringing a little bit of Hawai'i to the mainland.

Traditionally in Hawai'i, for any celebration, a Lei is given to show accomplishment, a completion of one's journey. We at a lil lei shop, have been in business for 20 years, but only sharing our Aloha through word of mouth. All of our blooms are brought in from Hawai'i in large quantities to keep cost down for our customers. To keep cost down, sometimes orders need to have a minimum. Shipping is not cheap from Hawai'i and so our customers do not have to swallow the cost, minimums are a must. For example, a single orchid lei is sold for 10.00. To achieve this cost, we need to produce 22 leis, so shipping cost is covered in price. If only one lei is ordered, the cost of the lei could exceed 45.00, that's a 35.00 swing.

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